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At FSTOP123, we are devoted to creating fresh, high-quality images and videos that capture current lifestyle scenes as well as still life imagery for creative backgrounds. 

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About FSTOP123:  Many years ago, while working on her Girl Scout photography badge, Pamela first held an old "box camera" and fell in love with the hobby.  By the time she finally got a "real" camera, a Nikon 35mm, Pamela was married and living in Munich, Germany.  Viewing the world from the lens’ point of view developed into a very deep appreciation of the beauty that surrounds us everywhere and a unique perspective for capturing images of people that inspire.

For many years, she mostly photographed weddings, school sporting events, and individual portraits.  When the digital-age arrived, Pamela bought a new Canon DSLR, and in 2006, discovered microstock photography through Getty Images.   A few years later, her daughter, Chauntel, joined the business with her and together they now own FSTOP123 together.

Today, all of their work is in stock photography and videography.  The challenge of creating a sellable scene, directing actors, and orchestrating an inspiring shoot is very rewarding for them.  The majority of their shoots consist of regular people in every day activities and situations, which they have found to be the best sellers in their industry.  Their work has been used by: Verizon, Netflix, HEB RediClinic, Shell Oil Company, FanDuel, Memorial Hermann Hospitals, the CDC, Thumbtack, CBS studios, Amazon, and thousands more.  They have approximately 50,000 images and videos within their portfolio and have sold more than 550,000 images/videos to date.

       From the owners... "We appreciate you viewing our site!  To discover our portfolio and/or purchase our images and videos, click the "Portfolio" button on this page.  We'd also love to hear from you... click the "Contact" button to send us a message.  Thanks again for visiting!" 

 --Pamela and Chauntel, Owners

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 Photography by FSTOP123
©2022 J. Chauntel Moore, Owner

All images are copyrighted and may not be used in any way without the written permission of the copyright holder.

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