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At FSTOP123, we are devoted to creating fresh, high-quality images and videos that capture current lifestyle scenes as well as still life imagery for creative backgrounds.  View our portfolio here!

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Tuesday, April 28 2020

Stay Strong Together!

What a challenging time we are facing around the world!   A pandemic is at hand... not just for a region, not just for a country, but for an entire planet!  As a global community, we have not seen anything like this!  

At FSTOP123, we are doing our part by staying at home and not exposing ourselves or anyone else to this threat that looms before us.  We encourage everyone to stay safe... practice social distancing, wear a mask and gloves, and let's all work together to stamp out this deadly disease.  Together we can! 

We will be capturing images from the outbreak, but only if it is safe to do so.  And, only if we will be doing our best to ensure the safety of others as well. 

The image above was a scene I have seen so many times from local restaurants and I thought it was a poinant example of what we are experiencing at this time.  Something we have not dealt with before as a country and hopefully will not again.  Please support your local businesses during this difficult time.  While I am promoting this particular image, so many other businesses are being affected by this pandemic. And, they could also use your support, if you are able to do so.

Everyone is being impacted in one way or another... whether you have lost your job, you own a small business and are forced to close, or perhaps you relied on the school system to feed your child a hot meal every day... let's stay strong!  A storm often brings rainbows... 

--Chauntel Moore, Owner

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Monday, January 06 2020

New Year, New Beginning!

As we enter a new decade, let us take a moment to reflect on the past years.  There has been ups and downs, highs and lows. 

I chose this photo above to represent my "Happy New Year" post as this represents how we should all engage with one another... with kindness and love.  We all are different, but all the same, too!  Should we not always embrace our differences and look to lift each other up, not tear each other down.  The world today can be dark and filled with hate and intolerance...  be the shining light that makes a difference in someone's life.  Choose love!  When you get out of bed each morning, think... what can I do for someone else today, how can I make someone smile?  

Again, choose to love!


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Thursday, September 05 2019

Pumpkin Patches...

As summer comes to an end, we all look forward to the fall season and all that comes with the cooler weather.  From football games and back to school events, to Halloween parties and pumpkin carving, autumn is a welcomed season!

At FSTOP123, we continually keep our portfolio of more than 46,000 images and videos stocked with a wide variety of seasonal imagery that is sure to meet your advertising needs!  

Check out our fall collection by clicking the link below. To view or download the image above, just give it a click!


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Friday, August 02 2019

Top of the class...

It's that time of year already... are you ready to head back to class?

 We recently headed back to school with a group of junior high and high school-age students with an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics or STEM.  With STEM careers in high-demand, we focused our shoot around these important fields of study.

Our specific shoot centered on engineering robotics and science laboratory scenes.  Be sure to check out all the images and videos from this shoot as well as all of our educational themed imagery by clicking the link below.  Want to view or download the image above? Simply give it a click!


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Wednesday, June 26 2019

Summer Scenes...

Business people enjoying an outdoor cafe as they work together on a project was the backdrop of one of our most recent shoots. (as seen above)

Working with an awesome group of young adults, we were able to capture a variety of scenes including: business people, friends groups, and the technology themes - contactless payment methods and cell phone charge sharing.

To view or download the image above, just give it a click.  To see more from this shoot, click one of the links below...



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Monday, May 27 2019

Stop the Stigma!

Recently, we set our scene to focus on mental health awareness.  While the stigma still exists, great strides have been made in the recent past to erase the terrible stigma surrounding those individuals who need love and support!

Our specific scenes focused on families and couples helping their loved ones through difficult times with the aid of a mental health professional either in their home or an office setting.

To view images from this shoot as well as all of our "Mental Health and Counseling" imagery, click the link below.  Want to view or download the image above? Simply give it a click!


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Thursday, April 25 2019

Earth Day, Everyday!

Shouldn't we all make Earth Day, everyday?  We recently shined a light on this important environmental issue with an awesome group of talented actors!

Taking our cause to a local park, our team planted trees, plants and flowers as well as picked up trash and recycled the plastic and paper products.  Consider "keeping mother earth healthy" when your community selects philanthropic endeavors.

To view more images from this shoot as well as all of our "Environmentally Friendly" imagery, choose one of the links below.  To view or download the image above, simply give it a click. 


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Monday, April 01 2019

Healthcare... Hot Topic!

At FSTOP123, we pride ourselves in continuously maintaining fresh healthcare imagery in our portfolio.

As such, we recently enjoyed shooting doctor's office and couple's counseling session scenes.  Our talent was top-notch as they portrayed nurses, doctors, and patients in our real life settings. We all had a great time while being sure to capture imagery that was relevant in today's medical society.    

To view images from this shoot as well as all of our HEALTHCARE images, click one of the links below.  Interested in the image above? Simply give it a click!


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Tuesday, March 05 2019

It's Tax Time!

It's that time of year again... tax season! 

What is that famous quote? "There are two things you can rely on: Death and Taxes."  No one likes to do it, but it is a part of life.  During one of our recent shoots, we captured this part of everyday living as two married couples worked together to: complete their taxes, pay bills, apply for a loan, and complete online banking enrollment. 

Check out all the images and videos from this shoot as well as all of our "FAMILY FINANCES" imagery by clicking the link below.  Like the image above?  Simply give it a click to view on site or to download.


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Monday, February 04 2019

Backgrounds, backgrounds, backgrounds...

In need of the perfect background for your copy?  Look no further!

At FSTOP123, we have thousands of backgrounds from which to choose.  Whether it be: back to school, holidays, healthcare, military, sports... we have you covered.

Simply click the link below and then type your subject into the search bar on the iStock site to find the "just right" image that best meets your advertising or publishing needs. 


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Check out our latest COVID-19 images and videos by clicking here

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