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Friday, April 24 2015

Father, daughter fun...

Summer time is almost here and who remembers washing the family vehicle with dad?  We recently soaped up an old truck and gave our two models a water hose, soap, and washcloths and let them have fun together.  Our little girl model really enjoyed getting herself and the vehicle all wet! 

We all had a great time during this "Father's Day" themed shoot and captured our models doing a variety of activities together including: gardening, making a card for daddy, riding and repairing a bicycle, riding in a wheelbarrow, and more!

To view the images from this shoot as well as all of our "RELATIONSHIPS" photos, click the link below.  To download or view the image above, just give it a click!


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Wednesday, April 08 2015

Small business, working class...

Recently, we took a trip to an auto repair shop where our models portrayed two mechanics busy repairing automobiles in their workshop.  These blue collar, working class people are an important part of any economy and represent the important small business, service industry.

Our male model is installing a fuel injection intake manifold, while the female mechanic looks on. They enjoyed working together on the repair project and both learned a bit about all the hard work involved in being an auto mechanic. 

To view more images from this shoot as well as all of our SERVICE INDUSTRY photos, click the link below.  To download the image above, just give it a click!


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