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Saturday, September 27 2014

Get out the vote!

Keeping up with current events...

In light of the USA political elections and to stay ahead of upcoming current events, our latest shoot captured the key aspects of this November event. 

As a privilege and responsibility, American citizens should take the time to register and then head out to their local polling stations to ensure they get their say in who runs the country's local, state, and federal governments.

While ensuring we had a good mix of ages and ethnicities to provide our buyers with a well rounded group of voters, this shoot focused on the voter registration process and a variety of political election polling station scenes.   To appeal to the most buyers, we also captured many shots that were not "USA specific".

To view the images from this shoot as well as all of our "VOTING/ELECTION" images, click the link below.  To download the image above, just give it a click!


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Saturday, September 06 2014

Back to school...

Not just classrooms and schoolhouses

September means back to school.  In addition to classroom learning, children also need support at home.  There is homework to complete and reading is fundamental.  For one of our recent shoots, our "real life" mother and son models read a picture book at home together.

Most often we think of 'back to school' imagery as children running to the school building or raising their hands in a classroom setting.  We decided to offer our buyers an additional perspective on this popular education theme, when we brought schooling home during this shoot. 

Our mother could be homeschooling her son, helping him with homework, teaching him to read, or just spending quality time with him at home.  And, isn't our little boy model just the cutest!

To view all of the images from this scene as well as our entire portfolio of EDUCATION images, click the link below.  To download the photo above, just give it a click!   


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