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Saturday, August 23 2014

Senior adults host Christian bible study group

Recently, we combined two of our top-selling themes into one shoot:  Religion and Senior Adults.  

As baby boomers keep on booming in sales, we strive to shoot this age group several times a year.  In noticing the additional need for religious-type images, we decided to combine these two themes.  Our lovely senior models portrayed couples and groups of friends getting together at a neighbor's home or at a church fellowship hall to host a Bible Study group.

In addition to these religious-based scenes, we also captured our Senior Adult friends playing leisure games, visiting, and using various forms of technology such as: digital tablets, smart phones, and laptops to video chat with their grandkids... We had so much fun!

Plus, we have begun shooting stock VIDEO and this photo shoot allowed us our very first video upload on iStock!  Since then, we have been shooting video at all of our photo shoots and have had a great time learning all about this new media. 

To view all the images from this shoot as well as all of our "SENIOR ADULT" images, click the link below. To download the image above, simply give it a click!


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Saturday, August 09 2014

Hail to the everyday heroes!

When you think of a hero, do you think of policemen, military men and women, firefighters? While these community helpers are truly heroes indeed, there is another group of "heroes" who are just as important.

During one of our latest photo shoots, we captured the essence of "everyday heroes."  Who are these caring people?  They volunteer their time and talents to help under-resourced people in their community, country, and around the globe.

Our models showcased the "Volunteerism" theme during this shoot and portrayed people who give their time to help with disaster relief efforts, provide military aid and medicines around the world, collect clothing for local needy families, and much more.

To view all the photos from this shoot as well as all of our "VOLUNTEERISM" images, click the link below.  To download the image above, just give it a click!


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