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Sunday, July 27 2014

It's all about FAMILY!

Home is where the heart is and that means family.  This candid relationship shot between our father and son models turned out just perfect!  We really loved all the expressions and interactions between our entire "family" of models during this latest shoot.  Our models are just the best... From family dinner time, to getting ready in the bathroom, to playing on the iPad in the living room, this shoot captured realistic, every day family moments. 

INSIDER'S NOTE:  For this shoot, we used a brand new lens, which allowed us to open up the camera much more.  This gave us a more shallow 'depth of field' and allowed us to bring in more natural light.  We loved the way these images turned out.  This lens is definitely a 'keeper'.

To check out all the images we have uploaded so far from this shoot (as well as our entire collection of 'relationships' images), click the "RELATIONSHIPS" link below. To view only images from this shoot, sort by newest.  To purchase the image above, just give it a click!



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Sunday, July 13 2014

Active senior lifestyles...

As adults over 65 make up a large portion of today's population, we strive to schedule shoots that include this age group on a regular basis. 

Recently, we had two senior models take a short walk to the neighborhood park for an "Active Seniors" nature shoot.  We had a great time capturing these beautiful outdoor scenes.  From backpackers to cyclists, these models portrayed the active retirement lifestyle! 

Insider's Notes:  This scene, shot through lush green foliage, was taken in February!  No real winters in Southeast Texas, USA...  In addition, only a small section of the park was heavily wooded.  So capturing just the right angle was very important so that all of our hiking shots appeared as though we were in an actual forest!

To check out all the shots from this shoot and many more images of SENIOR ADULTS, click the link below.  To purchase the image above, just give it a click!


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