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Monday, June 30 2014

It's ok to get a little help...

Our world today is filled with many stressors.  And, lots of people are turning to mental health professionals for help with their day-to-day emotional issues and problems.

While we have done many 'Medical' shoots in the past, none have focused on this branch of healthcare.  Mental health is just as important as physical health, and our latest shoot depicted just that.

We had four actor/models portray a variety of different mental health session scenarios to best meet our buyers needs.  From psychiatrists to couples counseling to even prescription drug abuse, this latest shoot encompassed the many facets of getting and staying mentally healthy!

To check out the shots from this shoot and all of our "HEALTHCARE" images, click on the link below.  To download the image above, simply give it a click!


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Monday, June 09 2014


Texting and Driving...

In looking at prevalent issues in today's 'high-tech' society, we decided to focus one recent shoot on the serious problem of "Texting while Driving" a vehicle.  Our two models, portrayed everyday teenage drivers who are distracted by texting or using social media apps on their smart phones and not focused on driving.  We wanted to bring awareness to this common social issue that is not only directed toward teens, but all drivers in today's technologically-advanced society.

As stock photographers, we always strive to capture images that are relevant to today's buyer.   With this shoot, we looked at this 'all too common' issue and took our models to a small town's downtown district on a deserted Sunday afternoon.  Since no one was around, we were able to move around the city block and get many great shots.  Using a fun, convertible jeep as our vehicle, we captured the essence of average teenage friends out for a carefree summer drive.  The images above show a sample from this shoot of our models in various roles as they text on their smart phones while driving.

Click the links below for more images from this shoot as well as our complete collection of these themes:


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