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Monday, December 29 2014

Cheer for your favorite television show...

Lifestyles scenes

Ideas, ideas... hmmmm... what to do for our next photo shoot?  Well, how about capturing every day lifestyles?  Something people of all ages can relate to:  a group of friends hanging out and watching TV in their apartment and cheering for their favorite team or television program.  How often have you been one of these friends in this same setting?   We got the most out of these models, as they also portrayed scientists and New Year's Eve party-goers during this same shoot!   

To view all the photos from this shoot as well as all of our "MULTI-ETHNIC GROUPS" images, click below.   To download the image above, just give it a click!


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Sunday, December 07 2014

Winter Shots...

In anticipation of the coming winter months, we recently set up high in the Colorado mountains for a snowy shoot.  Well... not really... but it sure looks like we did!

Insider's Note: We had taken a beautiful landscape photo while in Colorado a few years ago.  And, to replicate being in the mountains, we turned this photo into a background mural. We placed our model on a park bench in front of the mural and added a real pine tree branch in the foreground for more realism and depth for this scene. 

During the shoot we captured many great images with our snowy mountain background including: an indoor living room with winter window, winter outdoor illnesses such as the flu, outdoor Christmas shopping, and drinking hot coffee in winter months.  Of course, a big thanks goes to our beautiful model who made this shoot such a success!

To see images from this shoot, click the link below and then narrow down your search using specific keywords.  To download the photo above, just give it a click!


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